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Organisational Structure

The Microfinance activities are at present controlled and operated through the single Area Office at Saharanpur based out of the Head Office itself. The Head Office staff for the microfinance program, as per the hierarchal order, comprises of the Director followed by the Operations Manager, Area Manager, MIS Manager, Finance Manager and Internal Auditor. The present Operations Manager is also acting as the Area Manager. Further Accounts Manager is positioned at the Head Office who records and updates all the financial records and documents of microfinance program. Accounts Manager directly reports to the Finance manager as well as collaborates with the MIS and the Operations Manager. Next in the line under the Operations team are the four Supervisors who monitor the work of fifteen Field Facilitators. Field Facilitator who forms the last level of hierarchy serves as the key functionary between the SHG members and higher authorities. Organisation structure of DISHA is shown below:


At Disha Microfinance, the Field Facilitator is at the bottom of the Organizational hierarchy. The Field facilitators meet the clients on fixed dates, as per the dates of meetings of SHGs fixed in various villages. The Field Facilitators meet their groups (clients) at least once a month, and more than that as and when required. The Field facilitators are monitored by Supervisors/Branch Managers who regularly attend group meetings with their Field Facilitators. At the top is the Operations Manager who spends 80% of his time in monitoring the field operations, followed by Area Manager. He conducts visits to monitor the functioning of SHGs/JLG and also conducts Loan Utilization Checks to ensure that the Loans taken are being used by the clients for the purpose for which they are taken. The monthly reports flow from the Field facilitators to the Supervisors/Branch Managers and then to the Operations Manager or Area Manager and is then entered in the MIS of the organization by the MIS Manager. This chain ensures continuous monitoring of the clients. The reporting is done on a monthly/weekly basis depending on the branch.

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