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Two Fold Rise in Income through Shop Set Up by Loan

two-fold-rise-in-income-through-shop-set-up-by-loanKiran is a resident of village Mushal, Behat and has a huge family of 14 members. Kiran’s family has a very small piece of land. Whatever is grown in this land is consumed by the family itself. For further investment they grow some tress on the margins of the land, but they are sold only once in 5-6 years and the income gained thereof is spent in no time. Most of it is lost in repaying the loans from the moneylender, that have been borrowed over the years.

Having a large family is a huge constraint on the resources. No matter how much they try to earn, they are always hand-to mouth.  Kiran has been blessed with very intelligent children. Those who could go to school have been doing well but most had to drop out for lack of funds.  Kiran often wonders how to provide them with an opportunity where they can make the best of their talents.

Income Status
Past: Rs 10,000 to 20,000 per annum
Present: Rs 30,000 to 40,000 per annum

The children are engaged in various kinds of jobs. Selling Poplar trees in nearby Yamunanagar, they are able to earn 20,000 only per annum. Added to that some little earnings from other sources, the family barely manages to scrape through.

Few years back, Kiran came across Disha’s Field facilitators who were forming groups in the villages. Kiran also became a member of Vikas SHG and is extremely happy that this has paved the way for her to be eligible for a loan from Disha MFI.

Kiran borrowed a sum of Rs. 10,000 from Disha MFI and started a petty shop. Today this shop is doing very well in the village and is giving her returns enough to pay back the loan and also save some for herself and her family. Kiran is confident that she will expand this shop and her business. She is extremely happy with the way her loan got sanctioned in just two days and she immediately invested it in starting her shop. At present, the family income has gone up to Rs. 50,000 per annum.  “I know I can apply for a quick loan in Disha when I need to borrow next year for investing more in my shop. I can also send my children to school after some time.”

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